Our Clients

Here is what some of our clients had to say about us:

“Our experience with Access has been very good. Our property manager (Tracey) has a tremendous rapport with trusted contractors and stays on top of all repairs—in a nutshell; Access gets stuff done for us.”

Tom Sabatie, President
– Alton Place


“Our previous management firm provided a glorified customer service representative as our manager. Access provided a highly experienced professional who also has a building and landscaping background~ this makes working with vendors easier.”

“As a CPA and business owner I know how important it is to hire quality employees. Our property manager (Tracey) is proactive, professional and highly knowledgeable. Before hiring Access, I felt like I had to oversee our management company, now I know things are taken care of.”

“Recently, our manager notified us that our amendments/bi-laws and master deed are inconsistent. Finding the discrepancies is a tremendous plus for us.”

Erick Spronck, President
– Oak Knoll Village


“I was elected to our master board and have worked closely with our property manager for over ten years. Our manager (Louise) is very responsive, flexible and knowledgeable.”

“Our manager (Louise) always goes above and beyond our expectations.”

Gail McCormack
– Grande at Battleground


“Our experience has been fantastic. APM is very attentive, knowledgeable and they know how to resolve issues. Our manager (Mark) is great with vendors and providing direction for the board. He was very helpful in getting our new board members oriented and up to speed.”

“APM is a strong company with regional offices that enable their people to focus on the communities big and small.”

John Pittner
– Kings Landing


“Our community faced a devastating fire and our property manager (Scott) did a remarkable job with all the difficult details.”

“We are in good financial shape; APM has provided good advice to get us there since 2003.”

“We recently completed a roofing project for 33 townhouses and APM helped make sure we were appropriately funded.”

Marie Quinn
– Meadowview at Millington


“We’re located in a historical township, so contractors must follow a strict building code; APM helped us find the right builders to fit our needs.”

“APM is professional, responsive and has a network of trusted contractors.”

“When we were faced with additional legal matters~APM helped us find the right professionals. APM has been very supportive.”

Bill Schreiber
– Monmouth Hills Inc.