Access Property Management’s Helpful Tips for Riding out the Storm

With Hurricane Joaquin on our minds, Access wants to provide homeowners with some important tips on how to manage during large-scale storms.  While we hope that this storm is a non-issue, you should have a plan for keeping your family and home safe.

Pre-Storm Preparation:

Communication is key. Make sure that your family has an emergency plan and that they know how to follow. Put together a kit containing anything you think you might need for at least three days. Items may include, but are not limited to non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, battery operated radio, and first aid supplies. Make sure that your cell phone is charged. It may be a good idea to get a battery pack/power station to charge your phone if you lose power for an extended period of time. Check the exterior of your building and reach out to your property manager for any pre-storm maintenance issues, such as loose gutters or downspouts.  Don’t forget to put your own outdoor furniture and umbrellas away.

During the Storm:

During the storm, stay alert to your surroundings. The association and property management company do not control the electric supply and cannot help you with an outage. Contact your power company to report the outage via cell phone or internet.  With a power outage, refrain from opening your refrigerator or freezer as much as possible to keep your food fresh and cold.

Outdoor Problems:

If you experience any damage to the common element of the property, make a note of what has happened and contact your property manager when the storm has passed.  Stay away from any downed power lines. If you notice that any power lines have fallen into trees, contact your electric company.

Plan to get cozy indoors and stay safe!