Accounting & Finances

APM’s financial department works to understand each association’s goals to help them get there.

Our industry-specific software, innovative technology, and experienced staff help our Boards lead with confidence and make intelligent decisions on behalf of their association.

  • Deliver a complete financial package to each board member by the 20th of each month.
  • Locally reviewed and published financial statements in Horsham and Flemington.
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and execute board-approved investment strategies.
  • Bill monthly association fees through coupon books or statements.
  • Utilize a local bank lockbox system.
  • Manage delinquent accounts, from late notices to attorney involvement.
  • Assist the Board in acquiring and maintaining an up-to-date reserve schedule.
  • Provide electronic payment options.

In our 30-year history, we have built relationships with several banks who specialize in association financing.

  • Invite banking experts to identify financing options for capital reserve projects.

Transition from Developer to Association
APM has extensive experience in guiding associations through the process of transition from the developer to the association. This is the procedure by which the board assumes formal responsibility for the ownership and management of the common areas of the association. APM provides recommendations on the best professionals, attorneys, engineer, and auditors, who will expertly guide the board through this complex and often lengthy process. APM will collaborate with these professionals on your behalf every step of the way to ensure that the process continues to move forward.