Customer Service

Committed to providing exceptional Customer Service

We ensure that every customer service request is handled promptly and efficiently for our boards and home owners. To begin with, we maintain a 24-hour, 7-day answering service for emergencies. Furthermore, board members have been provided with cell phone numbers for their community managers. Additionally, we understand the importance of timely communication. Therefore, we make it a priority to respond to emails and phone calls within one business day. Moreover, we ensure that work orders are responded to in a timely manner.

Insurance Administration

Another important aspect of our service at Access Property Management is insurance administration. To begin with, we review insurance coverage and seek competitive proposals. Furthermore, to ensure that they have the best coverage at the best price, we research appropriate alternatives for the Board. In addition, we also submit all premiums for payment. As a result, homeowners and Board members can rest assured that they have comprehensive insurance coverage in place.

Resale Department

One of the unique features of Access Property Management is our in-house resale staff. We respond to homeowner requests for refinancing and serving third-party purchasers who require estimated closing statements for their title companies and closings. Consequently, we are able to provide accurate resale packages to homeowners, realtors, and title companies for this important time-sensitive service. Furthermore, we take great care in setting up new owner accounts and depositing checks received from title companies as soon as information is provided.



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