Pay It Forward

What would you do if you were given $50 and the only condition was that you had to pay it forward? Over the past few years, Wayde Scheffer, President and CEO of Access Property Management has asked this question to his employees. At the company’s annual holiday party, Mr. Scheffer presents every employee with an envelope that contains $50 in cash and a note to pay it forward. From there, it is up to the employees to decide what they will do with the money.

Since the start of “Pay it Forward,” Access Property Management’s employees have found a wide array of causes to support. Groups range from national organizations to local community groups, and friends in need of help.

Some employee’s stories are listed below. Like in past years, many employees have matched the original $50 to further their impact. As you read these stories, use the links provided to learn more about each organization and what they do.


DF – “My son’s best friend committed suicide last year. It has been a pretty rough year but we have been supporting his family by helping to raise money for students at the University of Delaware. They have started an organization called Friends4Friends to provide the school with better resources and awareness about suicide. I will be walking with  family and friends in April as well to continue to try to raise money to get this organization off the ground.  Thank you so much for providing me this money to give to support this important cause.”

KJ“My husband and I matched Wayde’s “Pay it Forward” gift and made a donation to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education).  In return, the Board of Directors at FARE matched our donation.  This year, we were able to take advantage of my husband’s employer, Prudential, who agreed to match any donation that we make.   So in the end, Wayde’s $50 became $100 with our match, which became $200 with Prudential’s match, which became $400 with the FARE board of director’s match.  All of this goes to help those like our daughter living with life threatening food allergies.”

SK “My husband bought me pink flamingos. He said they made me laugh.  And in the hours, weeks, days and months after my first cancer diagnosis of colon cancer, he would have done anything to make me laugh. Back to back cancer diagnoses results in quite the cathartic experience.  You see, cancer doesn’t offer you choices. But you do have a choice on how you choose to deal with it.  I chose to handle my cancer with the most dignity, respect and strength that I could muster.  I was surrounded by the most incredible support network of friends, family and co-workers who helped me through it.  And today I am a survivor, living each day and living life to the fullest.

I chose to give my $50 to the American Association for Cancer Research.  Because of your generosity, I also matched the donation to make it a full $100.00.  I choose to “Pay it Forward” and hopefully assist someone else by making their life just a little better by finding a better treatment and cure.”


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