Investment Strategies for HOAs

Investment Strategies for HOAsAccess Property Management offers expert investment strategies for HOAs; it’s one of many free services that we provide for each of our homeowner association clients. Access is a full service property management firm serving HOAs throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, and we are certified both as an Accredited Association Management Company and as an Accredited Management Organization.

When it comes to investment strategies, an HOA is best served by a management firm of experienced professionals that make sound decisions. An HOA is always going to need a reserve of funds, such as escrow money for repairs, so investment decisions need to be considered carefully. Long term investments may offer a high yield of return, for example, but that can be negated if the funds are withdrawn early and incur penalties. A proper investment strategy for an HOA should allow for both maximum gain and flexibility for emergencies.

Experienced Investment Strategies For Your HOA

Leave your HOA’s investment strategies to the team at Access. We take the time to meet with your board members regarding investments, and we prepare an investment plan that is both compliant with state laws and is specifically designed for your association. We can design a sound investment strategy for your HOA that takes necessary factors into account, such as reserved funds and escrow accounts. Our staff is knowledgeable in most all areas of accounting and finance, including budgeting and resource allocation, and we can ensure that your investments yield a worthwhile return with minimized risk.

Investment strategies for HOAs are one of the many ways that Access effectively manages your homeowner’s association, increase your property values and profit margin, and improves your community for the better. If you’d like to learn more about our residential services, click here to download our brochure.

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